22 May 2015

The Duchess of Cornwall's Irish Claddagh Brooch

While on a trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland with The Prince of Wales this week, The Duchess of Cornwall picked up a new addition to her brooch collection.
The Duchess of Cornwall's Irish Claddagh Brooch
During a visit to the Claddagh National School in Galway, Ireland, The Duchess of Cornwall was presented with the gift of a Claddagh brooch. Known best in the iconic ring design, these traditional Irish jewels include two hands (representing friendship) on either side of a heart (representing love) which is topped by a crown (representing loyalty).
These brooches are available on the Dillon's website in Gold (€345) and Silver (€75).
The gold brooch is from Jonathan Margetts of Thomas Dillon, the Irish jewelers that hold the oldest license to make original Claddagh rings. The company presented Queen Victoria with one of their rings on her visit to Ireland in 1849. It's a classic design associated with Ireland and which has a history tied to the Galway area, making it a very appropriate gift for this royal visit.
It was also apparently a gift very much appreciated by this royal visitor. "She told me she had always wanted a piece of Claddagh jewellery, and I told her to wear it in good health," Mr. Margetts told the Irish Independent afterwards. And Her Royal Highness was quick to demonstrate it: The Duchess wore the brooch the day after it was presented and for the next two days as well, as their tour moved on to Northern Ireland. A lovely gesture for an historic trip, I think.

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Photos: via Getty Images and Dillon's