09 April 2015

The Duchess of Cornwall's Pear Drop Diamond Demi-Parure

The Duchess of Cornwall's Pear Drop Diamond Demi-Parure
Among the signature pieces in the collection of The Duchess of Cornwall is this demi-parure (matched set) of a diamond necklace and earrings. Each earring has a cluster of pear shape diamonds dangling in a long row, with perhaps one round diamond at the stud (always difficult to see the details on her earrings, because of her hair), for a total of 11 large diamonds apiece. The necklace features oval/marquise diamonds in an orderly arrangement of stacks of two diamonds separated by single diamonds on the necklace base and a series of pear drop diamond pendants that alternate between small and large sizes.
2005, First Appearance
The set is usually reported as having been made from the stones of a tiara purchased by The Prince of Wales which was dismantled to create these jewels for Camilla (said to have been the individual tiara shown here). I do not believe this has been officially confirmed; the large center pendant on the necklace does have a small hook underneath, though, which could be the remains of a previous setting (among other possibilities). The demi-parure first appeared on The Duchess in November 2005, during the couple's first tour of United States together.
Both pieces have been worn several times, but the earrings in particular have become favorites. They are often worn with other necklaces or when no necklace is worn, and are often seen at tiara events. The diamonds are individually quite large and well-matched in these pieces, an unusual feature that sets this demi-parure apart. It's even more luxurious close up than it seems from afar, and a positively drool-worthy addition to a royal collection.

Appearances (Earrings only, unless otherwise noted):
11 December 2019: Diplomatic Reception
25 October 2018: The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Concert
8 March 2018: Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Dinner (with necklace)
5 December 2017: Diplomatic Reception
3 April 2017: Visit to Italy (with necklace)
2 February 2017: British Asian Trust Gala
8 December 2016: Diplomatic Reception
6 December 2016: Royal Variety Performance (with necklace)
1 November 2016: State Visit from Colombia, State Banquet
2 February 2016: British Asian Trust Gala (with necklace)
18 June 2015: The Duke of Wellington's Waterloo Banquet
2010: State Visit from South Africa
2007: CHOGM Dinner

Photos: via Getty Images