03 April 2015

The Duchess of Cornwall's Diamond Flower Pendant Earrings

The Duchess of Cornwall's Diamond Flower Pendant Earrings
The earrings worn by The Duchess of Cornwall for the blessing ceremony on the day she wed The Prince of Wales were a pair from her personal collection. Designed in diamonds, they have an arched pendant with a flower and stem inside hanging from a small flower stud. The hoop of the pendant has a line of single round stones on one side and a chevron or leaf pattern on the other. 
On her wedding day
The wedding was their highest profile outing, but they predate that important day in her collection; she has been seen wearing them since at least 2002. The Duchess also loaned them to her daughter, Laura Parker Bowles, who wore them for her 2006 wedding to Harry Lopes:
Laura Parker Bowles
Interestingly, another pair of these earrings also received a high profile wedding show. Lady Tamara Grosvenor, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Westminster, wore an identical pair for her 2004 wedding to Edward van Cutsem:
Lady Tamara Grosvenor
An obvious conclusion here would be that they were a retail piece from a jeweler at one point in time (if you have more information, please let me know).
As for Camilla, these earrings were a particular favorite to wear with her diamond serpent necklace early on (as seen above, at a 2005 White House dinner). She does continue to use them, though we naturally see them less often as the variety in her collection has grown.

2005: Official Visit from Norway
2005: The Wedding of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall 

Photos: via Getty Images