19 April 2015

Canadian Regiment Reception

The Queen, along with The Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Alexandra of Kent, attended a reception honoring the bravery of Canadian service people in the First World War at Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London.
Busy weekend for Her Maj, no? A couple days at the races, a brooch debut, and now a reception with another new-to-the-blog brooch! It's a badge, actually, the badge of the Calgary Highlanders. You can read more about it here.
 This reception honored three specific Canadian regiments and gathered their respective royal colonels-in-chief for the occasion: the Calgary Highlanders (The Queen), the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (The Duke of Edinburgh), and the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Alexandra).
The lovely Princess Alexandra wore a badge of her own, representing the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's). And some lovely pearls and diamonds too, as an added bonus!

Photos:via Getty Images