09 March 2015

Commonwealth Day

We will have a full fashion rundown of the royal attendees at the Commonwealth Day festivities on the other blog tomorrow, but until then, a brooch-focused look at The Queen's day of Commonwealth fun...

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh joined other members of the Royal Family at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day Observance Service.
For more: Zimbio gallery, BBC article.
The Gold Filigree Brooch is a good match for this coat, no? This is one of the newer brooches in the collection (newer to us, at least), but it continues to be popular with Her Maj. Update: And it has a special Commonwealth connection, coming from Singapore!

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were present at a Reception given by the Commonwealth Secretary-General at Marlborough House.
For more: Zimbio gallery.
Apparently popular enough there was no need to change it up for the evening reception. I adore this suit (of course I do, it's purple and sooo rich) but it needs something stronger. Rare is the day when I would prefer Ye Olde Sunflower Brooch, but if it can't be amethyst, it needs to be, I don't know, more golden than this.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace 

On February 12th, The Queen recorded her Commonwealth radio message.
For more: The address at The Commonwealth's YouTube site, Express article.
We saw this outfit back on the day it was worn, when she had an audience. Nice to have confirmation that my brooch guess was correct, though.

Photos: WPA Pool via Getty Images