01 February 2015

Church in Norfolk

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended church at West Newton during their Sandringham break.
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How very perfect: Church at West Newton on February 2, 2014 was the very first public outing of the Saskatchewan Tourmaline Flower Brooch, and here we are again! I'm also loving this close up of something we don't usually pay attention to, her bejeweled hat pins:
This particular pin is shown in Angela Kelly's book Dressing the Queen, where it is explained that most of The Queen's hat pins are made to match her hats and she has just a few favorite "feature hat pins, made of gold or decorated with diamonds and moonstones." This is in contrast to Queen Mary, who had a large collection of showy hat pins in her wardrobe. I love the whole Olympic torch feel going on with this one. Very triumphant.

Photos: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images