06 September 2014

The Braemar Gathering

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Rothesay, attended the annual Braemar Gathering in Scotland.
For more: Article from the Herald Scotland, gallery from Zimbio.
It's been an unusually quiet Balmoral break (for HM, and unexpectedly around the blog too - c'est la vie! We'll probably stay on semi-hiatus until public engagements pick back up). I've been cataloging what I catch on our Balmoral holiday post, but we haven't had as many glimpses as we had in the past couple years.
But we can always depend on Her Maj to be in a jolly mood for the Braemar Highland Games, at least! No mystery to the jewel choice here - the feather brooch was a gift from the society for her Golden Jubilee, and she's made it her permanent choice ever since.

Photo:Chris Jackson via Getty Images