02 July 2014

Holyrood Week, Day 3: Glasgow Visit and Dumfries House

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Glasgow and toured venues for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Later, they were joined by The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall (Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, in Scotland) at Dumfries House, where Her Majesty officially opened a garden at the stately home.
I'm so spoiled by the new brooch parade, I must confess to feeling a little let down by a "normal" choice. Anyway, there's the pass that the Queen will never use to get around the Commonwealth Games, in case you were curious. (And yes, they have given her an "HRH" distinction, and yes, there are already articles about that.)
Special mention to Camilla's little butterfly brooch, which has some kind of dark stone in it (what stone specifically, I'm not sure). Lovely choice for a garden engagement!

Photos:Daily Mail video/@ClarenceHouse