24 June 2014

Visit to Northern Ireland, Day 2

On the second day of their visit to Northern Ireland, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast City Hall, St. George's Market, and the set of the television series Game of Thrones.

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There are far more significant things to report on during this particular visit to Belfast, sure, but still: Her Maj met the Lannisters & Co.! To the disappointment of the masses, she didn't sit on the Iron Throne. She did get a wee one to take home with her, though. (What I wouldn't give for her to nonchalantly tuck it amongst all those family photographs visible when she does her audiences...)
For more: BBC video (of the prison visit), ITNSource video (of her speech at lunch), Hello articles and pics (of the set visit), Daily Mail pics (of all)
And we got a look at a brooch we haven't seen in a few years, one that was a favorite with her mother. I do miss the pearl pendant and diamond chain, but obviously she was saving up for the next big surprise...

Later, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended a garden party at Hillsborough Castle.

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...Queen Alexandra's Wedding Brooch! The Queen has only worn the brooch from Queen Alexandra's Wedding Parure once that I can think of in public, during the entire span of her reign. Until now, that is. I've never understood why she doesn't wear this one much - it's like three times the Cambridge Pearl Pendant goodness, and we know she loves that one - but I'm so happy to see it again!

Queen Alexandra's Wedding Brooch

Photos:ITN, BBC, and ITNSource video/WPA Pool via Getty