07 June 2014

The Multi-Color French Flower Brooch

The Multi-Color French Flower Brooch
During a state visit to France* in 2014, the Queen debuted what appears to be a new brooch: a spray of two flowers with different colors of metals and different colors of stones. The top flower has a white center (a cluster of diamonds, likely) with eight yellow petals (possibly yellow stones, set in yellow gold). The lower flower has cluster of pink-toned stones at its center and seven white petals, set in a silver-toned metal. The two gem-set leaves are set in a colored metal such as rose gold. The brooch could be composed of different colors of diamonds, or there could be different stones in use here. Its history is unknown at this time, though the date of debut could indicate a recent gift, possibly from the Diamond Jubilee or another anniversary.

*"French" is included in the brooch name here because of this first appearance, and not because of any known association in the provenance.

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18 June 2014: Royal Ascot, Day Two
5 June 2014: State Visit to France, Embassy Reception

Photo: WPA Pool/Getty