04 June 2014

State Opening of Parliament

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, traveled in State to the Palace of Westminster to open the Session of Parliament. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were also in attendance.
Video: The Queen's Speech
Jewel-wise, this was a very standard year for the Queen, with favorites all around. In fact, she wore nearly the exact same combination of pieces last year, with the exception of her bracelet. The bracelet is a four row pearl bracelet with diamond accents, but good views are hard to come by to identify it. Any thoughts?

Today marked the first time the Queen has used the brand new Diamond Jubilee State Coach, which was made in Australia with all sorts of fascinating artifacts included. They've included just about as much history in one transportation vehicle as you can get, it seems. I shall include some links with more at the bottom of the post.

George IV State Diadem (worn arriving and leaving)
Imperial State Crown (worn during the speech)
Queen Victoria's Pearl Drop Earrings
Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee Necklace
Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, 4 Rows
Pearl Evening Watch
Collar and Great George of the Order of the Garter

 This also marked the second year running the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have attended the speech, which I think is a nice nod to continuity and the future. And it means we get a bonus tiara, so no complaints here.
That tiara is of course the Greville Tiara, and she's paired it with her Four Strand Pearl Choker with Large Diamond Clasp and her favorite pearl earrings. Her diamond brooch is a rose brooch given to Queen Mary as a wedding gift and then passed on to the Queen Mother as a wedding gift. Camilla's also wearing the Queen's family order and the Royal Victorian Order.

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