05 June 2014

St. Pancras Visit and State Visit Departure

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh marked the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Channel Tunnel at St. Pancras International before departing for Paris via Eurostar for their State Visit to France.
This little brooch just came up in the comments not too long ago, and now here's the Queen to model it properly for you! Delightful. I've said in the past that this one can be a bit twee - indeed, my entry on it notes it might be the cutest brooch in the collection, which is not always a good thing - but when it's worn like this, I'm totally on board. The hat mirroring the composition of the brooch with a navy base and big white bow and the simple white coat as a background are the perfect way to showcase this brooch while keeping it sophisticated. A promising start to the state visit to come!

Photos:ITNSource video/EurostarUK Twitter