19 June 2014

Royal Ascot, Day Three

The Queen honored Ascot Races with her presence today.
For video, see the Daily Mail link below.
Another brooch debut! One of you is going to have to come over here and pick me up off the floor if this continues. (And please please, let it continue!)

To the rest of the family! Just a couple notables from the fabulous division today.

Most Fabulous, Most Colorful Division
The Princess Royal and Princess Beatrice
Look at this pair! Not who I thought would end up in their own little rainbow of a carriage ride, but I like it. Anyone else seeing orange peels on the top of Beatrice's hat, or do I just need a snack?

Most Fabulous, Least Colorful Division
Princess Haya
Haya's Ascot game is growing stronger every day, is it not? Black and white at Ascot is always My Fair Lady and always YES. I can't wait to see what she's got for us in the final stretch.

I'll leave you to discuss the rest (including the Countess of Wessex, who hilariously went to the opposite end of yesterday's white spectrum with an entirely black outfit) in the links provided. I'm off to get that snack, just to be safe.

Photos:Daily Mail video and Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images