17 June 2014

Royal Ascot, Day One

The Queen honored Ascot Races with her presence today.

I think Her Majesty is on a mission to set a record for the number of new brooches debuted in a single year, and I am ALL FOR IT. Go on, ma'am. This one's got swans on it! Adorable. More details in the brooch post linked below.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

I typically do Ascot fashion roundups at the other blog, but since it is a particularly busy week on the international royal scene, all Ascot coverage will be taking place here at the Vault. Lots and lots of royals were present per usual, including Prince Harry making his Ascot debut.  
For your royal-spotting pleasure: Photos at the Daily Mail, gallery at Zimbio.

And now for a few awards for those that caught my eye:

Best in Blues
The Countess of Wessex

There was something of a blue kick running through the collective royal wardrobe today. Both the Countess of Wessex and the Duchess of Cornwall (who sported her pair of Van Cleef & Arpels dragonfly brooches) chose a soft blue just as the Queen did, but of the three, Sophie takes my prize. This Emilia Wickstead suit is really flattering on her, and you can't go wrong when you slap a big aquamarine brooch on there.

Best Use of Color
Viscountess Linley

A bright and colorful floral is just what we need today, I think. And three cheers to Serena here for avoiding the temptation to stick Just Another Nude Shoe with this - the coral is a nice tie-in without being too matchy. This wasn't my favorite shoe moment of the day, though...

Best in Shoe 
Princess Beatrice

Beatrice's Suzannah dress is lovely, and I always appreciate something different on the hat front. But did you see her shoes?
Jerome C. Rousseau shoes
 WANT. Ditto everything I said above about colorful florals and add in bonus points for making up for her sister's closet full of beige coats.

And...a Near Miss 
Princess Haya

This should have been a recipe for perfection, at least for me: I always look forward to the parade of Ascot couture brought by Princess Haya (wife of the ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed - he's standing next to her there - and daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan), and you  know I love me some Elie Saab. And yet...well, I'm still waiting for that perfection. You know it pains me greatly to say it. Must seek comfort and chocolate now, talk amongst yourselves.
The Elie Saab Couture style that was modified for Haya. (Some things are just meant to be gowns, methinks.)

Photos:Anadolu Agency via Getty; Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty; Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty; Chris Jackson via Getty; Polyvore; Chris Jackson via Getty; Style.com