20 June 2014

Royal Ascot, Day Four

The Queen honored Ascot Races with her presence today.
Well, it's not a new brooch, but it is another that we've only seen on one previous occasion, so our rare brooch streak still stands! Many of you thought the Saskatchewan Tourmaline Flower would be at its best on a pink coat, and this lovely cerise outfit proves you right. Even on this bright - BRIGHT - color, the brooch holds its own.

Ascot is winding down, and so are the number of royals in attendance. I wasn't very taken with the outfits on display today, but my magpie senses did find some sparkle that was downright award-worthy.
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Best in Sparkle, Jewel Division 
Lady Sarah Chatto

You really have to give Lady Sarah a round of applause for busting out her jewels whenever she can. Here we have a trio of items inherited from her mother: pearl and diamond earrings (that Lady Sarah wore on her wedding day), a pearl and diamond necklace from Queen Mary, and a diamond star brooch (a Jardine Star-lookalike, one of many out there for this common design).

Best in Sparkle, Non-Jewel Division 
Princess Haya

Well, there's certainly no danger here that yesterday's black and white masterpiece will be unseated as my Ascot favorite for the year, but you know I love the spirit of wearing a sparkling gold skirt in the day even if this outfit is not her finest. I'm all for more fancy, always.

Photos:Stuart C. Wilson, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press, and Chris Jackson all via Getty Images