06 May 2014

Visit to Essex

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Chelmsford Cathedral, to celebrate the centenary of the Diocese, and Felsted School, to celebrate its 450th anniversary, in Essex.
Forget all your "only way is Essex" jokes, we've got brooch news on our hands! This is not new, but a new-ish bauble for our examination. We previously saw it rendered in a portrait (click here for that entry), at which time I wondered if it was an artistic rendition of something we knew well, or something new.  Unless an earlier outing turns up, my guess is we might have another Diamond Jubilee gift here.
I will give this brooch a name and its own entry later - but I wonder what your thoughts are on the type of flower we're seeing here? (I'm absolutely awful with that kind of identification, alas.) UPDATE: Thanks to all who confirmed my suspicions that it is daffodils.

Photos:ITV News/Getty Images/PA/Dan Llywelyn Hall/Welsh Rugby Union