16 March 2014

The Triple Diamond Bar Brooch

The Triple Diamond Bar Brooch
This brooch includes three large emerald-cut diamonds in the center and two half moon-cut diamonds on either side, all enclosed in a double row diamond outline. The provenance of the brooch is unconfirmed, but the likely answer is that the design was created from loose diamonds received as a gift while The Queen, as Princess Elizabeth, was in South Africa in 1947.*

Princess Elizabeth receiving the diamonds thought to be used in the Triple Diamond Bar Brooch, 1947
British Pathé
The diamonds, which were mined in South Africa, were given to the Princess when she opened the Princess Elizabeth Graving Dock in East London, South Africa, on March 3, 1947. The gift came from the South African Railways and Harbors Administration and was presented by Mrs. Sturrock, wife of the Transport Minister. "They are the most magnificent ones, aren't they," Princess Elizabeth can be overheard saying in this video as she receives the box and opens it to examine the diamonds inside.

Royal Family
Despite the diamonds potentially entering The Queen's collection decades earlier, this brooch was not debuted publicly until the Commonwealth Day reception in 2014 - a fitting occasion, assuming that provenance is correct. It has made multiple appearances since then.

*Thanks to research from the posters at the Royal Jewels of the World Message Board, and thanks to Jelena for bringing attention to it here.

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