25 March 2014

Irish Community Reception and Audiences

The Queen, together with other members of the Royal Family, hosted a reception for members of the Irish community at Buckingham Palace.
Click here for an article, gallery, and video from RTÉ; click here for another gallery.
Big news: Her Majesty met one of the One Direction people. (I'm sure she could hardly contain herself.) But no, here's the big news that matters to this blog: she gave us a second outing of the diamond and emerald Shamrock Brooch! Huzzah. It was last seen in 2012 during her visit to Northern Ireland, so she's sticking strictly to her theme. Unfortunately, it's not a fantastic match to a patterned suit - just a little too delicate to be recognized.
The reception was held because the Irish president is arriving for a state visit on April 8th. Perhaps we'll get another look at the Irish Silver Spiral Brooch from her 2011 Irish visit?

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Also today... The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace, receiving the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador plus a new recipient of the Order of Merit. It was purple heaven - click here for a gallery.