13 February 2014

The Four Row Japanese Pearl Choker

The Four Row Japanese Pearl Choker
Though The Queen has a habit of shortening longer necklaces to suit her, she usually stays away from the choker style, making this particular piece an interesting part of her collection. The necklace includes four rows of pearls with a central diamond clasp in a curved shape, each side including three rows of diamonds that join at the top and bottom with marquise diamonds. According to Garrard: The Crown Jewellers for 150 Years, The Queen commissioned this from a set of the "finest cultured pearls presented to her by the Japanese government." She made her first state visit to Japan in 1975; the choker was in use by at least 1982.
The Queen (left, center) and The Princess of Wales (right)
The Garrard book posits that it was inspired by The Queen's new daughter-in-law at the time, and she did notably loan the piece to the new Princess of Wales during a state visit from the Netherlands in 1982. It is only occasionally used by The Queen, in whose collection it still remains. In 2017, she loaned it for the first time to The Duchess of Cambridge.

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20 November 2017: Platinum Anniversary Dinner (on The Duchess of Cambridge)
1982: State Visit from the Netherlands (on The Princess of Wales)

Photos: Leslie Field/EPA