26 February 2014

Large Diamond Solitaire Earrings

The Queen has more than one option in her collection for earrings composed of one large, single diamond each. I find that they can be hard to distinguish when in use, so we will group them together here.

Queen Victoria's Diamond Stud Earrings 
Queen Victoria's Stud Earrings, shown on (left to right) Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra, the Queen
These two large, perfectly matched diamonds were set as stud earrings by Queen Victoria, according to Leslie Field in The Queen's Jewels. The earrings are today worn by the Queen after passing down from queen to queen after Victoria.

Queen Mary's Diamond Collet Earrings 
Queen Mary, the Queen
Queen Mary, who tended to avoid long, dangly earrings, used two of the round diamond collets from the Coronation Necklace to create a pair of earrings, according to Hugh Roberts in The Queen's Diamonds. These may be the pair shown above, though again it is impossible to say for sure.

This being a simple design, it is always possible that more examples exist.

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Photos: Leslie Field/Queen Elizabeth II/Royal Collection/AFP