09 January 2014

The Queen Mother's Ruby and Diamond Floral Clips

One of The Queen Mother's Ruby and Diamond Floral Clips
There are not one but two of these ruby and diamond floral clips in existence, and the pair are mirror images of each other. They each include two ruby and diamond flowers (one with a ruby center, one with a diamond center stone) with two diamond leaves and diamond stems, and were made by Cartier.
Queen Elizabeth (left) wearing both clips; The Queen (right) wears one
These are usually said to have been part of the bequest left to Queen Elizabeth by the Hon. Mrs. Ronald Greville in 1942, but an investigation into the Cartier jewels of the British royal family by Christophe Vachaudez in Royals magazine in 2015* showed them to have been a commission using some of the loose stones Queen Elizabeth kept at Cartier. She began wearing the brooches in the 1940s and wore them as a set and as individual brooches. Incorporated into The Queen's collection since her mother's death in 2002, they are now used sparingly.

*With thanks to Franck!

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Photos: Suzy Menkes/Corbis