06 January 2014

Flashback: Christmas Service

Before we get too far into January, let's dip back for a quick flash of the Queen's Christmas outfits - and not the broadcasts this time. The royal family camps out at Sandringham in Norfolk for the holiday (though they have previously celebrated at Windsor Castle instead) and they venture out for church on Christmas Day. Her Majesty's brooch selections for the past few years show a preference for baubles from her late mother's collection - for this sentimental holiday, not a surprise - and for firm favorites. The biggest surprise of the past few years, I would say, was her debut of a new Jubilee gift in 2012:
2007: None!
Which year was your favorite? (Preferential to the fantastic red of 2009, myself!)

In current news...First brooch sighting for 2014! The Queen popped out for church on January 5th wearing the Modern Ruby Brooch. Last year's first brooch ended up at the top of the outings count for the whole year...but I have to say I'm already hoping that won't be the case with this little brooch. (Not a fave, no indeed.)

Photos: BBC/Life/PA/Flynet/AP/Getty Images