05 November 2013

The Diamond Chandelier Drop Demi-Parure

The Diamond Chandelier Drop Demi-Parure (Necklace and Earrings, inset)

A matched set of a necklace and a pair of earrings, this demi-parure is made of diamonds in multiple intricate pendants, each tipped with a pear-shaped diamond drop. Its provenance has not been officially confirmed, but it certainly has the look of a gift from one of the Middle Eastern rulers, and The Queen did wear it during a 1987 state visit from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. (I am using a name that refers to its complicated pendant structure, since the gift is not confirmed.)

The Queen

The Queen has used this set fairly often, even for some official portraits. It is a slightly more grand option than pieces such as the King Khalid Diamond Necklace (very similar, and a confirmed Saudi gift), the Diamond Pear-Shaped Pendant Fringe Necklace, or the King Faisal Diamond Necklace (another confirmed Saudi gift).

The Countess of Wessex

During the 2019 state visit from the United States, it appeared that the necklace and earrings had been loaned to The Countess of Wessex for use.

Appearances (both Necklace and Earrings, unless otherwise noted):
11 December 2019: Diplomatic Reception (earrings on The Duchess of Cambridge)
3 June 2019: State Visit from the United States, State Banquet (on The Countess of Wessex)
5 November 2013: State Visit from South Korea, State Banquet 
1992: State Visit to Germany 

Photos: Getty Images/Lichfield/Royal Household