28 August 2013

Flashback: State Visit to Ireland, 2011

One of the more significant trips of the Queen's recent years was the state visit she and the Duke of Edinburgh paid to the Republic of Ireland in May 2011. Of all the places the Queen's been (and that's most everywhere by now, really), this was a first. In interviews given to mark the Diamond Jubilee, family members said how thrilled she was to finally be able to go to Ireland, and how pleased she was the trip was such a success. It was a jewel success, too!

An interesting mix of brooches (this first appeared on the other blog), top row, left to right: Queen Victoria's Bow Brooch, the Grima Ruby Brooch, and the Australian Wattle Brooch. Bottom row, left to right: Prince Albert's Sapphire Brooch, the Aquamarine Clip Brooches, the Irish Silver Spiral Brooch (a gift from the President), and the Round Cambridge Emerald Brooch, worn without the pendant. These were all worn with her standard button earrings and three strand pearl necklace.

For the state dinner at Dublin Castle, the Queen brought out a symbolic piece: the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. 

Video: The Queen's speech
She paired this with Queen Mary's Floret Earrings and the Diamond Pear-Shaped Pendant Fringe Necklace, plus a diamond bracelet and her current favorite diamond evening watch. Her white gown featured a top with more than 2,000 silk shamrocks and an Irish harp appliqué made from crystals that was created specially for the occasion. 
Incorporating a special symbol into the Queen's dress specific to the country she's visiting is something she's done many, many times over the years - another of those gestures of diplomacy that always seem to be well appreciated.

Photos: Getty Images/PA