01 April 2013

The Baring Ruby Necklace

The Baring Ruby Necklace
This necklace was acquired by the Queen in 1964. It had formerly belonged to the Baring collection. It is thought that the three central pendants - each a flat-cut ruby surrounded by brilliants - were originally used as a pair of earrings and a pendant before they were turned into pendants on this necklace of ruby and diamond clusters separated by single diamonds.
The acquisition of the Baring Ruby Necklace and the commission of the Burmese Ruby Tiara in 1973 seem to have been aimed at filling gaps in the Queen's collection. At that time, the primary Crown rubies (including the Oriental Circlet and accompanying jewels) were still with the Queen Mother. The Burmese tiara and this necklace became popular with the Queen as a set, with other ruby jewels thrown in from time to time. Now that she has the Queen Mother's collection in addition to her own, we've seen those pieces added in to the mix.

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Photos: Royal Collection/Corbis/PA