28 April 2013

The Antique Girandole Earrings

The Antique Girandole Earrings
Girandole earrings are a classic style which became popular around the 18th century. They often have a very delicate construction and include three pendants, the central pendant being lower than the other two. This particular pair of diamond earrings are the best example of this style we see the Queen wear. They include a large round diamond top and three pear drop pendants in what looks to be an antique setting.
We don't know much about these earrings, though. Leslie Field, in her book The Queen's Jewels, refers to them in passing as "antique diamond girandole earrings" and mentions that Queen Victoria had been partial to the style in her day. The Queen has been wearing them since the early 1970s, at least.
They're a popular match with necklaces like the King Khalid Diamond Necklace, the King Faisal Diamond Necklace, the Diamond Pear-Shaped Pendant Fringe Necklace, or the George VI Festoon Necklace. These are all necklaces which entered the collection without their own pre-matched earrings (as part of a parure or demi-parure), so it's easy to imagine the Girandole Earrings as a purchase intended to fill that certain hole in the vault. However, they could also have been a gift or something discovered in the jewel collection.

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