22 April 2013

Queen Mary's Cluster Earrings

Queen Mary's Cluster Earrings
These earrings were made for Queen Mary in 1922 of a central large diamond surrounded by two rows of diamonds set in platinum with millegrain edging. According to Hugh Roberts in The Queen's Diamonds, the large diamonds originally set in the center were the Mackinnon diamonds, one of Queen Mary's wedding gifts. Those were later removed for use in Queen Mary's Floret Earrings, and were replaced in the cluster earrings by another two diamonds from her wedding gifts, these from the Bombay Presidency.
Queen Mary
The cluster earrings passed to the Queen in 1953, and she's used them for evening and cocktail events ever since. They are a large and impressively sparkling addition to her earring collection.
Their sparkle can sometimes make them hard to identify when in use, I think. They end up appearing as a single large diamond, and they're not the only large round pair of earrings in the collection. Particularly, the Diamond Cluster Earrings that I have identified here as a separate pair seem as though they could be the same pair depending on the angle.

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Photos: Royal Collection/Leslie Field