21 March 2013

On Our Queen

Last weekend, ITV premiered the documentary Our Queen, a behind the scenes look at the Queen's Jubilee year. I know many of you have seen it and enjoyed it, and several have asked for a designated place to chat - so here you go!

My favorite bits:
  • The flustered rejection of any chat about money by Karl-Ludwig Rehse, one of the Queen's dressmakers outside the palace. Excuse. Me. (I also found it interesting that Angela Kelly was nowhere to be seen.) 
  • All things Sophie. A sit down interview with the Countess of Wessex is extremely rare - I think this might be her first since her marriage? - and she proved to be both eloquent and funny. Plus, we actually got a glimpse of her at a state banquet, which is another rarity. 
  • Queen Margrethe's delight at the Queen's Bond parachuting stunt. Daisy: she's just like us. 
  • Charles' comments on Camilla. Because awwww.
That said, if you've seen a lot of royal documentaries, you probably won't learn much here. In terms of Jubilee documentaries, I still prefer last year's The Diamond Queen for the commentary and extra family interviews, but this was good fun nevertheless.

Did you see the documentary? What stuck in your mind?