20 March 2013

Baker Street Underground Station

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cambridge, visited the Baker Street Underground station to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.
Click above for a video from ITV.
So good to see our Lil' up and at 'em! Maybe she didn't look quite back to her old self following her illness (a little pale I think, perhaps a colored outfit instead of this cream summer tweed from Karl Ludwig with matching Angela Kelly hat would have livened her up a bit), but she's back at it.

The Queen on the Tube amuses me, and not just because you'll never find a newer, cleaner, less crowded Tube than the one the royals see when they come to visit. Looking back on the Queen's history on the Tube is another one of those moments of awe, when you realize just how much change she's seen in her reign.
She opened the Victoria Line in 1969 (wearing a rather luxurious fur coat), and the Piccadilly Line link to Heathrow in 1977 (wearing the Cambridge Pearl Pendant Brooch) - significant bits of the Tube indeed. She also visited Aldgate Station in 2010, where she was given her own personal Buckingham Palace station sign (wearing one of Queen Victoria's Bow Brooches).

Photos:ITV Screencap/PA/Reuters