11 February 2013

The Nizam of Hyderabad Rose Brooches and Necklace

For his wedding gift to Princess Elizabeth in 1947, the Nizam of Hyderabad opted for jewels from Cartier - gifts that were to be chosen by the bride herself. She selected two pieces from Cartier's existing stock, a diamond necklace and a tiara.
The Nizam of Hyderabad Tiara (with the large brooch in the center and the two smaller brooches on either side) and Princess Elizabeth wearing both the necklace and tiara
The floral tiara was composed of diamonds set in platinum. It featured three detachable rose brooches with en tremblant centers and a leafy background. The Queen wore the tiara in the years following her marriage, but she later opted to break it up. Most of the diamonds were used to create the Burmese Ruby Tiara, and the three rose brooches remain. (Click here to read more on the Nizam of Hyderabad Tiara, and here for more on the Burmese Ruby.)
The largest Nizam of Hyderabad Rose Brooch
There is one large brooch and two identical smaller brooches. The Queen almost always wears the smaller two as a pair and the larger one by itself; the larger brooch is more frequently worn, though it is not among her most used pieces.
Wearing the two smaller brooches as a set, and the larger brooch alone
The Nizam of Hyderabad necklace still remains. As it was a stock piece from the jeweler, it had existed for some years and had been sold and repurchased previously. At one point in time the central pendant was longer (containing three parts) and there were two additional pendants (each including two parts) on either side. The necklace had been simplified to its current form by the time it became one of the royal wedding gifts.
The Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace
As with many of her necklaces, the Queen did eventually shorten the chain to suit her tastes, and she still wears it from time to time today. It has been loaned to the Duchess of Cambridge, who wore the necklace for the first time in February 2014.

Appearances (all of the larger brooch, unless otherwise noted):
29 June 2021: Audiences at the Palace of Holyroodhouse
27 April 2021: Virtual Audiences
15 March 2020: Church at Windsor
11 December 2019: Diplomatic Reception (the necklace, on The Duchess of Cambridge)
21 October 2019: Cruse Bereavement Care Reception
4 July 2019: Holyrood Week: Gorgie City Farm Visit (smaller brooches)
3 March 2019: Church at Windsor
25 June 2017: Royal Windsor Cup
13 June 2017: Anniversary Train Ride
8 December 2016: Audience at Buckingham Palace
19 June 2016: Royal Windsor Cup
21 January 2016: Sandringham Women's Institute Meeting
14 June 2015: Cartier Queen's Cup Polo
27 November 2014: Audience at Buckingham Palace
24 October 2014: Science Museum Gallery Opening
8 October 2014: Audiences at Buckingham Palace
11 February 2014: National Portrait Gallery Gala (the necklace, worn by the Duchess of Cambridge)
11 July 2013: Coronation Festival Preview
25 June 2013: Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
10 February 2013: Church at Sandringham
2007: CHOGM Dinner (necklace)
1998, 1999: Royal Maundy Service 
1971, 2001: Chelsea Flower Show
1967: State Visit from Saudi Arabia
Various Years: CHOGM Dinners (necklace)

Photos: Cartier/Getty Images/Corbis/Royal Collection/AFP