13 February 2013

The Delhi Durbar Necklace

The Delhi Durbar Necklace
Containing 9 bright green cabochon Cambridge emeralds of varying shapes, 6 large brilliant diamonds, chains of diamond brilliants, and one Cullinan diamond pendant (Cullinan VII, a marquise-cut 8.8 carat diamond and one of the pieces cut from the celebrated Cullinan diamond), this was made in advance of the Delhi Durbar by Garrard and the cost was met by King George V as a present for Queen Mary's 44th birthday.
Queen Mary (left) and the current Queen (right)
Mary changed the Cullinan pendant on at least one occasion and also wore the necklace without its distinctive asymmetrical pendants. We've seen none of that since 1953, when the Queen inherited it - but it has been a favorite to pair with the emerald version of the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara. It hasn't been worn in a while, though, since the Queen started sticking to a primarily white evening wardrobe.

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Photos: EPA/Corbis