12 February 2013

The Delhi Durbar Earrings

The Delhi Durbar Earrings
The earrings belonging to the Delhi Durbar Parure are a simple and classic style: oval cabochon emeralds surrounded by 11 brilliant diamonds each. One of the emeralds used is from Queen Mary's collection of Cambridge emeralds; the other was supplied to match by Garrard, who made these earrings for Mary for the Delhi Durbar.
Queen Mary
Many parures of this size have intricate and impressive earrings to accompany them, so it's interesting that these are so simple and relatively small. But this was typical for Queen Mary, who seemed to prefer a smaller earring without a pendant. (Probably best for balance when you're planning on wearing 5 necklaces at once, I suppose.)
They passed to the Queen in 1953. Unlike Queen Mary, who pretty much wore these exclusively with the rest of this emerald parure, the Queen has other emerald earring options to occasionally swap in.

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Photos: Royal Collection/Leslie Field/Corbis