19 February 2013

The Delhi Durbar Bracelet

The Delhi Durbar Bracelet
Another Cambridge emerald piece made for Queen Mary for the Delhi Durbar, likely by Garrard, the bracelet that goes with the Delhi Durbar Parure includes three of those emeralds plus diamonds, all set in platinum and gold.
Queen Mary
 It was not the only bracelet Queen Mary wore with the Delhi Durbar Parure - there was an emerald bangle she was prone to, and a later Art Deco addition, to name two. But it is the one that is most consistently chosen to accompany the pieces since they passed to the Queen in 1953.
She usually wears an evening watch on one wrist, leaving one open for a bracelet to match the rest of what she's wearing.

And with that - we're done! There are other emerald jewels that may be switched in and out, but these are the core pieces of the Delhi Durbar Parure and those that use the Cambridge emeralds. They're all linked up below:

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Photos: Royal Collection/Corbis