21 January 2013

The King Khalid Diamond Necklace

The King Khalid Necklace
During a visit to the Middle East in February 1979, the Queen was given this Harry Winston diamond and platinum necklace by King Khalid of Saudi Arabia. It's a version of the fringe or sun ray style, with "fringes" of diamonds (including brilliant, marquise, and pear shapes) radiating away from the necklace base. The pear-shaped pendants cap the fringes, which alternate in length across the front of the necklace.
The Queen has worn it fairly often over the years. Like the King Faisal Diamond Necklace, she also loaned it to the Princess of Wales in the early 1980s. (We've recently seen the King Faisal loaned again, to the Countess of Wessex; wouldn't it be nice to see this one on someone new too?)
The Princess of Wales
In my opinion, this is one of the best gifts from such a source given to the royal family. It's classically pretty and quite flattering. I've always wondered how it would fare if converted to a tiara - but the wonder of the Queen's jewel vault is that she has no need to try such a thing.

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Photos: Getty Images/Leslie Field/Royal Household