11 January 2013

Queen Victoria's Fringe Brooch

Queen Victoria's Fringe Brooch, at the center of the Queen's neckline
Made for Queen Victoria using diamonds from the Sultan of Turkey and an existing royal jewel, the Fringe Brooch includes a central cluster and nine swinging strands. It has passed from queen to queen since then, becoming a particular favorite of The Queen Mother, and passed to The Queen in 2002. She first wore it in 2011, during a state visit from Turkey.

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Appearances (before 2002, on The Queen Mother):
6 June 2014: State Visit from France, D-Day Anniversary Commemoration
2011: State Visit from Turkey, State Banquet 
1973: Wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips
1963: Wedding of Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy

Photo: PA