05 December 2012

The BJA Diamond Jubilee Brooch

The BJA Diamond Jubilee Brooch
The British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) presented the Queen with this brooch made of diamonds, platinum, and gold to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. A contest was held to select the brooch, and the winning design came from Ivonna Poplanska. According to the BJA:
"Her design entitled ‘The Eternal Dove’ is loosely based on the 'Sceptre with Dove’ an item in the Crown Jewels which, was made for the Coronation of King Charles 11 in 1661. The dove, which is in flight, encompasses four flowers –the shamrock, the daffodil, the thistle and the rose - chosen to represent the countries of the United Kingdom. These are made in rare Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English gold which has been donated by enthusiastic local prospectors. Natural coloured diamonds have been used to highlight these flowers. Entwined holly leaves also feature in the design symbolising unity, while the dove stands for peace. "
The materials and craftsmanship required to create the graceful brooch were donated, and the final product was presented to the Queen on December 5, 2012, and first worn on Christmas Day.

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25 December 2012: Christmas Service

Photo: BJA