14 November 2012

The Greville Scroll Brooch

The Greville Scroll Brooch
This petite trinket is a scroll of diamonds centered around three pearls and set in platinum. One of the interesting things learned from Hugh Roberts' book The Queen's Diamonds was just how extensive the Greville bequest was (these are the jewels of Mrs. Ronald Greville, left to the Queen Mother in 1942) - and this brooch was a part of it. Mrs. Greville had it made by Cartier using some of her own stones in 1929.
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
The third pearl is actually a drop pearl, but it seems to be worn with the drop on top mostly. The brooch passed to the Queen after the Queen Mother's death in 2002, and the Queen has worn it a few times since.
Personally, I think the Queen Mum had it right when she tried this out on her hat - it's a little small, compared to some of the other brooches in use, and so it makes for a nice secondary brooch, perhaps something to use to fasten the back of a sash in the evening.

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