11 November 2012

The Dorset Bow Brooch

The Dorset Bow Brooch
The Dorset Bow Brooch was a present to Queen Mary for her wedding to the future George V in 1893 from the County of Dorset (unsurprisingly). It’s composed of diamonds set in gold and silver and was made by Carrington & Co.
Queen Mary (with the brooch in the middle of her bodice)
When it came time to select wedding presents for her granddaughter Princess Elizabeth in 1947, Mary picked several of her own wedding gifts to pass on, this brooch included.
The brooch (highlighted) among the wedding gifts on display in 1947
The Queen has quite a collection of bow brooches. Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooches are the basic design used most often for everyday wear, while others like the Dorset Bow are in a fancier category. This is somewhere in the middle of the fancy scale, I'd say.
In addition to appearances at everyday engagements, it's been worn for notable occasions like the christening of Prince Charles and the funeral of the Duke of Windsor. It is also a popular choice to secure the Queen's poppies at occasions like the annual Remembrance Day ceremony, and is even deemed fancy enough to secure ribands of orders of chivalry for the occasional state event.
It’s not my favorite of the bow brooches, to be honest – all that detail on the “ribbon” seems a little squished to me – but I can never argue with something used as a casual diamond tie for poppies.

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Photos: Leslie Field/Royal Collection/AFP/Corbis/Getty Images