14 November 2012

Queen Victoria's 11 Pearl Brooch

Queen Victoria's 11 Pearl Brooch
Queen Victoria owned this brooch of 11 large pearls: 8 in an elaborate diamond setting of a diamond shape with three as pendants. I use the number in the name because those pearls are so instantly distinctive (and to differentiate it from the other well-known diamond and pearl brooch of Victoria's, the Diamond Jubilee brooch). This is one of the items Victoria designated as heirlooms of the Crown.
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
There are a few of those heirlooms that the Queen Mother particularly enjoyed and hung on to after her daughter acceded the throne (Victoria's Crown rubies, for example). This is one, and she wore it during her husband's reign and for the rest of her life.
It passed to the current queen in 2002, and she waited until her 2009 Christmas broadcast to debut it publicly. Recently, it has had an increased amount of outings, so perhaps it has finally gained some favor with the Queen - only fitting, as she does love her pearls.

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Photos: Bauer Griffin/Corbis