31 October 2012

The Rose Gold Brooch

The Rose Gold Brooch
This brooch strongly resembles the Diamond and Gold Rose Brooch in its arched overall shape and floral design, but features two blossoms and seems to include some colored metals - perhaps a selection of colors of gold set with diamonds, though a selection of colored stones could also be a possibility. I'll call it the Rose Gold Brooch, though that is not definite. No provenance has been confirmed, though some have speculated it could be part of a set of four brooches given to The Queen by The Sultan of Oman. See the Three Thistle Brooch entry for more details.
Seeing it at the welcoming ceremony for the President of Indonesia's state visit, I believe this is the floral brooch which seemed to be the Diamond and Gold Rose Brooch but with two flowers seen in video at the Olympic Heads of State Reception.

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Photos: Getty Images/CNN