26 October 2012

The Drapers’ Company Badge

The Drapers' Company Badge
The Drapers’ Company is one of the livery companies, or trade associations, in the City of London, and the Queen is its Freeman. As such, she has this special badge to wear as a brooch for related engagements.
The Drapers' Company Coat of Arms
The badge mimics the company’s coat of arms, which depicts “three sunbeams issuing from three flaming clouds crowned with three Imperial crowns of gold on a shield of azure”. The blue background looks to be enamel, with detailing in gold and a glittering surround. Framing the oval is the company's motto, "Unto God Only Be Honour and Glory".

31 May 2017: Drapers' Company Anniversary Visit
26 October 2012: Drapers’ Academy Opening

Photos: WPA Pool/Getty Images/Wikipedia