31 October 2012

The Royal Family Orders of King George V and King George VI

The Royal Family Orders of King George V (left) and King George VI (right)
King George IV started a practice in the British royal family which continues today: the awarding of family orders. These are diamond-set portraits of the monarch suspended from a silk bow (the color varying by reign), and they are today given to female royal family members of the sovereign's choosing as a personal gift. The Queen was first given her grandfather George V's order, set on pale blue silk, followed by her father George VI's, on pink silk, and she wears them both today. (A royal lady can wear all the family orders she has at once.) The orders are positioned on the left shoulder.
They are worn for the most formal events, and can often be seen on The Queen when she's at a tiara event (although they have been seen less in recent years). Other family members wear The Queen's own order, and certain other royal families have similar practices. Read more at Order of Splendor.

11 December 2019: Diplomatic Reception
3 June 2019: State Visit from the United States, State Banquet
4 December 2018: Diplomatic Reception
23 October 2018: State Visit from The Netherlands, State Banquet 
8 December 2016: Diplomatic Reception
8 December 2015: Diplomatic Reception
20 October 2015: State Visit from China, State Banquet 
21 October 2014: State Visit from Singapore
5 November 2013: State Visit from South Korea
27 November 2012: State Visit from Kuwait
31 October 2012: State Visit from Indonesia
6 February 2012: Official Diamond Jubilee Portrait
2010: State Visit from South Africa
2009: State Visit from India
2005: Official Visit from Norway  
2005: State Visit from China
1998: State Visit from Japan
1991: State Visit to the United States
1986: State Visit from Spain 
1983: State Visit to Sweden
1982: State Visit from the Netherlands
1980: State Visit to Vatican City  
1978: State Visit to Germany
1972: State Visit from Germany
1972: State Visit to France
1972: State Visit from the Netherlands
1967: Visit to Malta  
1967: State Visit from Saudi Arabia 
1958: State Visit from Germany
1958: State Visit to the Netherlands 
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