31 October 2012

Queen Victoria’s Pearl Drop Earrings

Queen Victoria's Pearl Drop Earrings
Queen Victoria received many presents of jewelry from her design-inclined husband, Prince Albert. Among them were these pearl drop earrings, each featuring a large pear-shaped pearl drop underneath two diamonds. The diamond studs were previously part of the royal collection.
Queen Victoria wearing the same or a similar pair
Victoria received them in 1847, and left them to the Crown when she died. They are now worn by Queen Elizabeth II.
The earrings are a fairly basic design, and comparable pieces can be found in other jewelry collections around the world (and perhaps more than one time in the Queen's collection). Queen Victoria was pictured wearing a similar pair prior to Albert’s gift. The simple design is precisely why they are perhaps my favorite of the Queen’s pearl earrings – they’re a nice contrast to some of her more complicated necklaces and brooches.

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