18 June 2012

Queen Victoria's Crown Ruby Earrings and Necklace

Worn with the Burmese Ruby Tiara and the center brooch of the Diamond Cockade
Queen Victoria bought from Garrard in 1854 a magnificent necklace of opals surrounded by diamonds with a matching pendant, drop earrings, and a brooch, which she later left to the Crown. No fan of opals, Queen Alexandra had the earrings and necklace switched for stunning large rubies, likely Burmese and given to Queen Victoria by rulers from India and surrounding areas. She did the same for the tiara that the pieces had been purchased to accompany, the Oriental Circlet. Though they weren't rubies in Victoria's time, I have chosen to use the name "Queen Victoria's Crown Rubies" to differentiate these from other rubies that have been left to the Crown.
Worn by the Queen Mother with the Oriental Circlet and a diamond and ruby flower brooch
The set passed from queen to queen until it landed in the hands of Queen Elizabeth, the future Queen Mother. The Oriental Circlet became one of her favorite tiaras (one of only two she wore in her later years, in fact), and with it she often wore the Crown Rubies. She kept them until her death in 2002, at which point they came into The Queen's possession. The Queen has used them sparingly, continuing to use the ruby jewels she had before her mother passed away.

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