02 June 2012

Queen Mary's Russian Brooch

Queen Mary's Russian Brooch
Relatively small compared to other brooches in the Queen's collection, Queen Mary's Russian Brooch has a square cabochon sapphire and a square-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds with two small scrolls.
Queen Mary
It was, as the name suggests, one of Queen Mary's many jewels. It was a gift from Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia for Mary's wedding to the future George V in 1893. Marie Feodorovna was Queen Alexandra's sister and the groom's aunt. Mary would later acquire more of the Empress' jewels from her children after revolution ended the monarchy in Russia and forced them to flee.
Queen Elizabeth
The Queen inherited the brooch in 1953 when Queen Mary died. Though the size and shape could allow its user to be creative with its use, the Queen sticks to wearing it pinned vertically as she does with the rest of her brooches, with the sapphire most often on the bottom, and usually on a blue outfit.

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Photos: Leslie Field/Getty Images