06 June 2012

The Multi-Color Floral Spray Brooch

The Multi-Color Floral Spray Brooch
Though it's not a new brooch, this one's provenance is still something of a mystery. It appears to be a small bouquet of different colored stones (sapphires and more, perhaps?) with stems tied together. And it's a tricky little trinket too, because the multiple colors give it a different appearance from every angle.
One possible provenance could be this brooch described by Leslie Field in The Queen's Jewels but not definitively tied to any single brooch since: "a Cartier floral spray set with sapphires, rubies, diamonds and an aquamarine, which her parents gave her in 1943." There is at least one other brooch which may be a better match for that description, however. Lacking any confirmation, I will dub it the Multi-Color Floral Spray Brooch for the time being.

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Photos: WPA Pool/Getty Images