15 June 2012

The Irish Blossom Brooch

Irish Blossom Brooch
Not much is known about this piece; it features six diamond flowers blossoming off a central stem. Each flower has a golden center.
It seems to be a fairly recent addition, possibly first appearing during a visit to Northern Ireland in 2009 and has been said to be a private gift for The Queen's diamond wedding anniversary in 2007 (as detailed in the comments). The appearance in 2010 in Oman seems a bit of an outlier in comparison with other appearances, as it was worn with an evening dress and rubies; as suggested by Jelena in the comments, one theory is the brooch could have come from The Sultan of Oman. The Three Thistle Brooch was confirmed to be part of a set of four pins from The Sultan, and I can't help but notice the common golden and diamond design characteristics, though the Three Thistle did not appear until a few years later (see that entry for more details). Nothing has been confirmed, and that is all mere speculation.

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Photos: Pool/Getty Images