22 June 2012

The Amethyst Bouquet Brooch(es)

The Amethyst Bouquet Brooch ("original" brooch)
This brooch is often identified as one given to The Queen when she opened the Queen's Bridge in Perth, Scotland in 1960, but this is incorrect. The association is based on a description in Leslie Field’s book The Queen’s Jewels which reads as follows:
The brooch is a miniature flower bouquet with seven amethyst buds surrounded by white and yellow gold ferns and grasses, with a central group of twelve freshwater mauve-tinted pearls from the River Tay.
Though we do have seven amethysts present, the rest of the description doesn't fit and this is not a pearl brooch; the Perth bridge brooch is a separate piece (this one!). Where this particular brooch, a bouquet of seven amethysts centering flowers with diamond petals and stems, came from is unclear. The amethysts on the brooch I will call the "original" version appear to be set in yellow gold, with a white metal for the diamond settings.

About that "original" version: After being used more frequently in recent years, the "original" brooch disappeared from public appearances between March 2014 and October 2015. When it reappeared, it had changed, or so I (and others) though; I assumed that the original brooch had undergone a redesign. This is the "new" version:

The Queen wears the "new" brooch
The flowers and leaves are in different positions, there is a third small flower on the top, and the two largest amethysts are both pear-shape, rather than the mix of round and pear-shape stones in the "original" brooch.

The "new" brooch
The Queen appears to have proven me wrong about the redesign as of March 2018, however, when the "original" brooch reappeared. This seems to indicate that there are two nearly identical Amethyst Bouquet Brooches. The reasons and story behind the twins are, thus far, unknown.

Both apparent brooches are cataloged together on this entry, as they are bound to be confused for one another.

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