09 May 2012

State Opening of Parliament

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, traveled in State to the Palace of Westminster today to open the Session of Parliament.
State Opening of Parliament: the only time it's acceptable to heckle the Queen's peeps. She compensates with maximum day bling, as well she should.
One requires two separate head ornaments, naturally. One for doing the thing itself (the Imperial State Crown, above left and center), and one for the ride to and from (the George IV State Diadem, above right).
And then one needs enough diamonds and etc. to clang around just in case the crown's not enough of a LOOK AT ME signal. There's the diamond earrings and a lovely trinket of a necklace from one's father (above left), one of Queen Mary's bracelets and a diamond evening watch (above center), plus the Collar and Great George of the Order of the Garter, just for a touch of medieval flair (above right).

George IV State Diadem
Imperial State Crown
Diamond Pendant Earrings
George VI Festoon Necklace
Queen Mary's Chain-Link Bracelet
Diamond Evening Watch
Collar and Great George of the Order of the Garter

Photos:Getty Images/PA