09 May 2012

Diamond Evening Watch

Diamond Evening Watch
The Queen’s formal evening attire often includes a bracelet of some variety on her right wrist and an evening watch on the left. She has several to pick from; her current favorite is this number with two rows of diamonds separated by individual diamonds and a face in a diamond frame.

19 April 2018: CHOGM Dinner 
8 March 2018: Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Dinner
8 December 2015: Diplomatic Reception
24 June 2015: State Visit to Germany
8 April 2014: State Visit from Ireland
30 October 2012: Our Extraordinary World Gala
28 September 2012: Australian Diamond Jubilee Portrait
9 May 2012: State Opening of Parliament
7 March 2012: Order of the British Empire Service
17 February 2012: New Zealand Diamond Jubilee Portrait
6 February 2012: Official Diamond Jubilee Portrait
2011: State Visit from Turkey, State Banquet 
2011: Visit to Australia 
2011: State Visit to Ireland, State Dinner
2010: State Visit to the UAE and Oman 
2010: Visit to Canada  

Photo: Royal Collection